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About Us

Seed to Stem is a carefully curated nature, plant, and lifestyle boutique located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Established in 2011, Seed to Stem evolved from a life-long love and passion for nature, and design. The shop itself celebrates the beauty and perfection of the natural world, boasting unusual botanicals, natural wonders, terrariums, crystals, home decor, hand-made goods, books, natural self care products, personal accessories, antiques, and more.


Often described as a botanic garden combined with a natural history museum, the beautiful juxtaposition between life and death is prominent throughout the shop.  Visitors are transfixed, transported, and inspired upon entering our doors. Our distinct and timeless aesthetic focuses on bringing natural elements to the forefront, encouraging others to create spaces that honor their own innate relationship with nature. We believe in surrounding yourself with plants, natural elements, finely crafted goods, and objects of beauty to enhance your daily being. We receive fresh plant shipments weekly from some of the best growers in the industry. Our curated inventory is ever-evolving amongst tried and true favorite brands and artisans we have carried for over a decade.


We welcome you to come visit our shop.

Ethical sourcing of all materials is of utmost importance. 

Hoya plant, crystals, and natural objects arranged in a flat lay. Decorative photo.
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