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8 oz candles handcrafted in Colorado Springs, CO.



Inspired by looming evergreens, crackling wood, and falling asleep on fresh earth. All of the nostalgia of a night under the stars without the hassle of smoky clothes.

Dominant notes of blue spruce and smoke follow with birch, patchouli, leather, moss, and cedar.


Grapefruit + Oakmoss

Crisp grapefruit blended with green vetiver, cut oak, and a touch of clover. A subtle embodiment of the famous Prohibition-era cocktail, the Greyhound.


Oak + Currant

Vibrant notes of black currants are fused with rich oak, sweet sandalwood, and black pepper.


Tobacco + Walnut

Sweetened, charred tobacco leaf balanced with bitter walnut and light amber.

Light Provisions Candles

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